The best and most reliable bookmakers

best and most reliable bookmakers

How do we rate online bookmakers

The term of work in the market. Everything is simple here: the longer the bookmaker’s office works, the more stable and reliable it is. If the office were unreliable, it would not have lasted in the market for a long time in a highly competitive environment.

Settlement method and currency. Find out in advance in what currency you can open an account, how to replenish your account and, most importantly, how you can get a win, and also how long it will take. Some offices allow you to replenish your account and receive winnings very quickly, in others it takes several days.

Interface. The site and application should be convenient and intuitive.

Line. A line is a selection of events on which you can bet. A wide line makes the betting process much more diverse.

License. As posted: "Today, a license is required. This is a guarantee that the actions of the bookmaker are regulated by law, and it plays by the rules."

The presence of mobile applications. Due to the fact that, unlike computers, phones are usually always at hand, more and more players choose mobile applications for betting. But, despite this, not all offices have them.

Reviews. They are easy to find on the Internet. The reviews give an idea of ​​how reliable the office is in reality - whether there are any problems with payments, how quickly the office credits and disburses money, etc.

Support. The best bookmakers have a round-the-clock support service in Russian. Representatives of the office should be ready at all times to answer all your questions.

One of the essential selection criteria is the size of the margin, that is, the difference between the expected outcome of the event and the estimated probability voiced by the bookmaker. A low margin is more profitable for a player, however it is important to maintain objectivity here. Margin size should not be too low. Unrealistically low margins are often either a sign of a novice office or a dishonest organization that does not intend to pay the winnings at all, and then can declare an arbitrarily low margin.

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Which Sport to Bet on and Why?

Which Sport to Bet on and Why?

Sports betting is an activity that more and more people resort to. They have been known for many years before online bookmakers entered this niche. There are reports that the first bets on sporting events date from the 19th century, but in the 20th century this activity became a favorite activity of many amateurs. In the past, there was a lot of reliance on horse racing, as it is now, but other sports such as football and tennis are extremely popular today. One of the most interesting questions about sports betting is about exactly which sport to choose for our bets and why. In this guide, we will tell you more about the types of sports you can find betting options on and will guide you to the right sport to bet on.

Which sport gives us the best chance of winning?

Another interesting question that we will find the answer to is related to the most appropriate sport for making a profit. We will start with the fact that the chances of winning sports bets are determined by the so-called. odds. They are given for the various betting markets and betting options that go with any sporting event. In our guide to the types of odds and their calculation, you can read more about formulating these odds and turning them into bets.

The truth is that every sport gives you a certain chance of winning a bet on a particular event. However, you need to focus on the sport that you want to make money from.

If we look a little differently at things, we can find another thesis, which is also quite neat. Let's say that the sports that have the most events on the bookmaker's sites are the best chances to win. These sports usually provide the most betting options. The abundance of betting options is in many cases the guiding principle for choosing a particular sport. Judging by this thesis, let's also see what are the most suitable sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice-hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing
  • Electronic sports

The listed sports are usually characterized by an abundance of events and betting options. This makes them suitable for choosing a sport that can give you a great chance of winning. However, it is not certain because there are also sports that do not offer as many events but are still suitable for betting.

Here we come to our third thesis, which can also be considered correct and appropriate in the search for a sport that will give us the most chances to win. Some sports offer fewer events, but they enjoy widespread coverage and interest, so the information you can gather about these events is overwhelming. This, in turn, will bring you closer to the correct forecast. Let's list some of these sports:

  • Boxing
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • American football
  • Baseball
  • Darts

These are all sports that do not offer a full and year-round calendar of multiple events at the same time, such as football and basketball. Let's take the box and see how things are. Usually gala dinners are organized every week, but few of them include leading boxers who all fans want to watch and bet on their matches. These events are usually covered by all media and there are a number of analyzes around them, so it will be easy for you to formulate your forecast. Sports such as college football and baseball are seasonal and too few leagues enjoy the interest of bettors, so events are not numerous, but the chances of winning may be high.

Everyone can judge which sport is best for the big winnings, but whichever one you choose, remember that you need to take some time to analyze and prepare the forecast before you place a bet. Otherwise, you cannot expect high chances of success. This is at the heart of the rules on how to win sports bets.

How do we find the right sport for us?

After all that has been said so far, we will conclude with a few more guidelines to help you choose the right sport to bet on. You may also want to consult a sports betting and betting forum where there are other bettors, but our advice is to decide for yourself which sport to bet on.

  1. To determine "your" betting sport, you need to think about and understand which sport you are most interested in. There may be several sports.
  2. After doing this, think about which sport you are following in the news about what is happening in it or are inclined to follow such news.
  3. If you only have preferences for certain leagues and championships, make a note of them.
  4. Check that the sport of your choice and its events are available on the betting sites.
  5. If you are done with everything, you can make your choice as an online bookmaker and start with your bets.

Remember, however, that your bets should not be blind, but you will need to take the time to analyze and prepare the forecast. This is the only way you can succeed in the long run. You can then look for different and new betting techniques or look at our sports betting strategies that will familiarize you with a number of proven and proven ways to win.

The world of sports betting is vast and there are opportunities for all. The bookmakers themselves have a very wide range of betting options and prove that there is interest from bettors on every sport and event on their sites. Otherwise they would hardly have provided odds for him. The path of betting on sporting events is not easy and at first it can be difficult, but after hard work, the time for profits will come.

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How to Bet Without Money

How to Bet Without Money

Is it possible to bet if we are not ready to risk real money yet? Absolutely. There are 2 ways: using a demo account or so-called, free bets.

Free bets definitely help in the beginning when one player is not comfortable with the bets, the site and wants to know the situation.

Freebets - what are they and how do we get them?

Freebet is a bonus to a bookmaker account that allows you to bet a small amount of money without risking your own money. If such a bet wins, the client earns a net profit from it, and if he loses - he loses nothing.

In most sites, the free bonus bet we can usually get is 5-10, a maximum of 20. Freebet's often have certain limits (such as betting on a minimum of 1.5) and it's important to read the terms and conditions so that they can take full advantage.

Other common conditions are:

  • Use the free bet only once
  • Bet only using the full amount
  • The offer is valid for a fixed term

Terms and restrictions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Usually, the consumer must make their first deposit or place a real money bet to receive a free bet.

Most often, these are welcome bonuses. But there are also freebets that are distributed as part of promotions.

Demo Accounts

The demo account is a test account that can be registered on the bookmaker's website and bet with demo money. Winning real money, as well as losing, is impossible. But everything else on the site is the same. This option allows you to gain basic sports betting experience.

Demo accounts also really allow us to try out sports betting strategies and this is their main advantage. But remember - while this is useful - true experience is gained when we play with real money. Before we risked real money - we cannot know how we will react in different situations, in case of loss, in big profit, etc. So it's good to keep in mind that if we have achieved something with a demo account, it doesn't automatically mean that we will be so good when the real money is in the game.

You can usually bet with real money in the bookmaker casino sections.

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What is Asian Handicap, How does it work and Why should we Bet on it?

What is Asian Handicap, How does it work and Why should we Bet on it?

Asian handicap is a type of bet on sporting events that aims to simplify the traditional way of betting. It is a variation of the Handicap bet.

The term Asian Handicap originates from Indonesia and is recognized as such as a result of its huge popularity among players from Asian countries. In recent years, he has gradually made his way into Europe and is now a regular contributor to the portfolio of the most popular online bookmakers.

The essence of Asian handicap and the difference with traditional Handicap

Just like a traditional handicap, the Asian Handicap artificially balances the chances of the two teams in the match, giving a preliminary advantage to one of them (in the form of goals or points, depending on the sport which you bet on). The Asian Handicap, however, cuts the odds of a match out of the usual three (as in the 1X2 football market) to two, eliminating the possibility of a draw. This is done by introducing a half-goal or point handicap (advantage). As half goals or points do not exist in reality, there will always be an overall winner in the Asian Handicap.

Types of Asian Handicap

In addition to the classic Asian Handicap described above, there are several other varieties. They are determined by the lead given to one team. Apart from halves, it can be expressed in integers or in a combination of integers and halves.

  • Asian Handicap by whole number

    Sometimes the Asian Handicap can be expressed by taking advantage of one integer team.

  • Double (split) Asian Handicap

    Sometimes you may encounter an Asian handicap that combines two lines into one selection. It is called double or split. In this case, your bet is split into two equal halves - one half being placed on the first condition and the other half on the other.

Asian Handicap Benefits

  • Higher odds

    The idea of the Asian Handicap is to make it easier for both the bookmaker and the bookmaker. By narrowing the final exit options to two, the market becomes as balanced and balanced as possible, with the probability of success of one entrant approaching as close as 50%. As a result, Asian Handicap odds are as high as possible and bookmaker margins are minimal.

  • More options to choose from

    Traditionally, bookmakers offer the Asian Handicap with multiple lines, which gives players a large selection of selections. In this way, they can find the probability that is as close as possible to their estimate of the ultimate outcome of the meeting. So, in the end, players gain more control and flexibility in placing their bets.

Disadvantages of Asian Handicap

Due to the Asian Handicap Strengths described above, bookmakers sometimes place restrictions on its use. Most often, such a restriction applies when using a First Deposit Bonus Bonus - for some bookmakers, Asian Handicap bets do not contribute to the reversal of the bonus and its utilization. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read the terms of each bonus before betting with it.


At first, Asian handicap may seem difficult to understand, but in fact it can make betting on football matches easier for you. With many selections available, great odds and versatility, Asian Handicap is the preferred bet for many players around the world. We hope that this article has helped you understand it, and we encourage you to try it at least once.

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