What is Asian Handicap, How does it work and Why should we Bet on it?

What is Asian Handicap, How does it work and Why should we Bet on it?

Asian handicap is a type of bet on sporting events that aims to simplify the traditional way of betting. It is a variation of the Handicap bet.

The term Asian Handicap originates from Indonesia and is recognized as such as a result of its huge popularity among players from Asian countries. In recent years, he has gradually made his way into Europe and is now a regular contributor to the portfolio of the most popular online bookmakers.

The essence of Asian handicap and the difference with traditional Handicap

Just like a traditional handicap, the Asian Handicap artificially balances the chances of the two teams in the match, giving a preliminary advantage to one of them (in the form of goals or points, depending on the sport which you bet on). The Asian Handicap, however, cuts the odds of a match out of the usual three (as in the 1X2 football market) to two, eliminating the possibility of a draw. This is done by introducing a half-goal or point handicap (advantage). As half goals or points do not exist in reality, there will always be an overall winner in the Asian Handicap.

Types of Asian Handicap

In addition to the classic Asian Handicap described above, there are several other varieties. They are determined by the lead given to one team. Apart from halves, it can be expressed in integers or in a combination of integers and halves.

  • Asian Handicap by whole number

    Sometimes the Asian Handicap can be expressed by taking advantage of one integer team.

  • Double (split) Asian Handicap

    Sometimes you may encounter an Asian handicap that combines two lines into one selection. It is called double or split. In this case, your bet is split into two equal halves - one half being placed on the first condition and the other half on the other.

Asian Handicap Benefits

  • Higher odds

    The idea of the Asian Handicap is to make it easier for both the bookmaker and the bookmaker. By narrowing the final exit options to two, the market becomes as balanced and balanced as possible, with the probability of success of one entrant approaching as close as 50%. As a result, Asian Handicap odds are as high as possible and bookmaker margins are minimal.

  • More options to choose from

    Traditionally, bookmakers offer the Asian Handicap with multiple lines, which gives players a large selection of selections. In this way, they can find the probability that is as close as possible to their estimate of the ultimate outcome of the meeting. So, in the end, players gain more control and flexibility in placing their bets.

Disadvantages of Asian Handicap

Due to the Asian Handicap Strengths described above, bookmakers sometimes place restrictions on its use. Most often, such a restriction applies when using a First Deposit Bonus Bonus - for some bookmakers, Asian Handicap bets do not contribute to the reversal of the bonus and its utilization. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read the terms of each bonus before betting with it.


At first, Asian handicap may seem difficult to understand, but in fact it can make betting on football matches easier for you. With many selections available, great odds and versatility, Asian Handicap is the preferred bet for many players around the world. We hope that this article has helped you understand it, and we encourage you to try it at least once.